An Invitation

Dear Pashley Owners

We would love you to join us in our home town of Stratford-upon-Avon for our 7th annual Picnic Ride on Saturday 15th of September.

On Saturday morning, we will ride around Stratford’s historic town centre and surrounding countryside, visiting some Shakespearean sights along the way. It will be around 12 miles long with a little snack and a beverage midway.

After the ride, we’ll head to the Avon riverside for a delightful picnic party and some jolly live entertainment - there will be party games with Pashley prizes, as well as some fizz, tea, and cake to enjoy!

We love to see our loyal and lovely customers at any event but the Picnic Ride is always that bit jollier when we all dress-up so, to add to the fun, we greatly encourage you to wear period costume or a pretty dress, or simply something that flies the flag celebrating Pashley’s British manufacturing heritage.

Do join the Pashley team for the day - it will be great to see you!

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